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Roxana Frontini

LILIKA "Sculptural Painting" - QUEEN SERIES

LILIKA "Sculptural Painting" - QUEEN SERIES

LILIKA, 2022

Mixed Media and Sculpted Silk

20 x 30 x 2 in

LILIKA represents The Purity of Re-Birth

Her name is derived from "Lily" the flower, which meaning is "purity", "passion" and "rebirth". Her portrait is a symbol of two key elements in the process of inner transformation: purity and innocence.

As flowers “Lilies” have a rich and interesting history. Known since 1700 BC, it is believed that their name comes from the Old Ghana word “li-li”, meaning “white-white” in translation. Lilies are loved by their aesthetics and pleasant aroma, and admired by their symbolic meanings. The image of the lily is a favorite theme of ancient Greek and Roman artisans, and in Persia, white buds adorned the royal palaces.

On this multi-faceted depiction painted and sculpted by Roxana Frontini, LILIKA advocates for Purity, as the Key to Be Born to The Next Version of OurSelves.

Part of the QUEEN Series



LILIKA, 2022

Medios Mixtos con Esculpido en Seda

50.8 x 76.2 x 5 cm 

LILIKA representa La Pureza del Renacimiento

Su nombre deriva del Lirio que como flor significa "pureza", "pasión" y "renacimiento". Su retrato es un símbolo de dos elementos clave en el proceso de transformación interior: la pureza y la inocencia.

Como flores, los lirios tienen una historia rica e interesante, conocida desde 1700 A.C. Se cree que su nombre proviene de la antigua palabra de Ghana "li-li", que significa "blanco-blanco" en la traducción. El lirio es amado por su estética y aroma agradable, y admirado por sus significados simbólicos. La imagen del lirio era una de las favoritas de la antigua artesanía griega y romana; mientras que  en Persia, sus brotes blancos eran seleccionados para adornar los palacios reales.

En esta representación multifacética pintada y esculpida por Roxana Frontini, LILIKA aboga por la pureza como la clave para nacer de la próxima versión de nosotros mismos.

Parte de la Serie REINA

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  • Musical Origin

    Roxana’s works of art mostly emerge from the music she creates to connect with the colors, textures, shapes and stories that inspire each series.

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  • Design Evolution

    Roxana’s works of art inspire objects of design that depict details of the worlds where she imagines that her paintings and sculptures would live.

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