I was born in Venezuela in 1980; raised between Caracas and Buenos Aires by two amazing individuals that cultivated both my business and artistic sides from a very early age. During the first 17 years of my life, I studied music, fashion and all sort of crafts. My passion for creativity was highly evident and I embraced it. 

Between the ages of 18 and 30 I studied law, technology, business management, media, sales and marketing. During those years, I lived in Caracas, Buenos Aires and Madrid, where I developed a successful business career, managing corporations and leading many projects that transformed ideas into tangible realities. 

In 2010, I found home in the United States of America - were I wanted to live since I was a little girl - and finally merged my life as an artist with my life as a businesswoman. 

Today, I have a life structure that I absolutely love, with avenues to channel each one of my passions and to help others achieve the same. 


My social media profiles are a window into my life, publications, designs, music, productions, businesses & adventures. 

In my channels and companies you will find: Empowering and Inspiring Tools to Live Your Best Life. 

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Roxana Frontini


Roxana Frontini is a  multi-passionate artist & businesswoman. For over 20 years she has led successful projects in her areas of expertise: Fashion, Music, Creativity & Entertainment. 

A vast education in business, and creative experience working with global  Fortune 500 brands and celebrities, have allowed Roxana to craft a solid career in The United States, Europe and Latin-America. Nowadays, she shares wisdom, inspiration and experience through Master Classes, Speaking Engagements, Online Courses, Books and More. 

Her portfolio of personal  brands include: RF by Roxana Frontini, Empowering Clothing & Accessories; ROX, Empowering Music; and Roxana Frontini, Multi-Platform Content that Inspires & Transforms. 

Roxana is the Co-Founder of CuratorsGroup.com, a Media & Lifestyle Company focused on Creating Products, Tools & Experiences to Empower Creative & Business People. This group leads initiatives such FashionCurators.com a Digital Hub with 3 divisions: The Style House, that creates wardrobes for entertainers and executives; The Digital Showroom, which brings new brands to the hands of buyers in the US; and the Online Mall, which concentrates incredible stores in one place.

Welcome to a World of Simplicity, Creativity, Beauty and Empowerment!


- For Speaking Engagements, Master Classes & Collaborations, email info@roxanafrontini.com 

- For All Inquiries Related to Fashion & Styling, email info@fashioncurators.com

- For Tools, Courses & Experiences, email info@curatorsgroup.com

Roxana Frontini (Rox), Artist & Businesswoman / Author & Speaker / Content, Music & Fashion Creator.

Roxana Frontini (Rox), Artist & Businesswoman / Author & Speaker / Content, Music & Fashion Creator.


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