I was born in Venezuela in 1980; raised between Caracas and Buenos Aires by two amazing individuals that cultivated both my business and artistic sides from a very early age. 

During the first 17 years of my life, I studied music, fashion and all sort of crafts. My passion for creativity was highly evident and I embraced it. 

Between the ages of 18 and 30 I studied law, technology, business management, media, sales and marketing. During those years, I lived in Caracas, Buenos Aires and Madrid, where I developed a successful business career, managing corporations and leading many projects that transformed ideas into tangible realities. 

In 2010, I found home in the United States of America - were I wanted to live since I was a little girl - and finally merged my life as an artist with my life as a business woman. 

Today, I have a life structure that I absolutely love, with avenues to channel each one of my passions and to help others achieve the same. 


My social media profiles are a window into my life, publications, designs, productions and businesses. 

On Fashion Curators, you will access a big world of fashion, beauty and style, with wholesale, retail and styling divisions.

RF is my empowering clothing line for bold people. 

And finally,  Curators Group is the publishing company that allows me to inspire & empower people through content. 

Thank You for Being Here!

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Roxana Frontini


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